MrSheepNET (AS208884) is operated by MrSheep, An ordinary geek.

MrSheepNET (AS208884) 由 MrSheep 運營

Currently, only IPv6 is supported. (IPv4 are too expensive)
目前僅支援IPv6 (買不起v4)

Peering | 對等互聯

We have an open peering policy. You can peer with us through Internet eXchanges that we have in common, or individually.



IP transit | 傳輸服務

Currently, we require our client to have a traffic not over 10Mbps. We require you to peer with us through all Internet eXchanges that we have in common in order to optimise our network.


目前我哋要求傳輸客戶嘅流量級別喺10Mbps以下。 我哋要求喺所有共同嘅交換中心都建立傳輸連線,以優化線路

IX | 交換中心
IX CC Location IPv6 IPv4
LocIX Frankfurt DE Frankfurt 2001:7f8:f2:e1:0:a120:8884:1 We
KleyRex IX DE Frankfurt 2001:7f8:33::a120:8884:1
Unmetered IX CA Vancouver 2602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:54
LL-IX NL Haarlem 2001:678:4fc::92:149
AperIX HK Hong Kong 2406:4440::32
RO-CIX RO Bucharest 2001:7f8:f9::b3e8:1
EVIX US Fremont 2602:fed2:fff:ffff:6::5d
ZX IX Hong Kong HK Hong Kong 2406:840:1f:1000:0:20:8884:1
ZX IX Shanghai CN Shanghai 2406:840:1f:1:0:20:8884:1
TOHU IX CN Guangzhou 2406:840:eb8f:1:0:20:8884:1

For more detailed information, please refer to PeeringDB

想要瞭解更多? 請訪問 PeeringDB

Location | 位置
Contact | 聯絡

Please send me an email at


More | 更多

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